Text 10 Apr A Few Essentials to Help You Pick the Right Vacuum Cleaner

Regular cleaning of one’s home is a task in itself. Matching our dusting needs with our lifestyles, a vacuum cleaner is a must have home appliance in today’s life. Regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner keeps the house relatively dust and germ free, which helps reduce dust and pollution that are majorly the cause of most of the allergies and pulmonary diseases, such as wheezing and asthma to name a few. 
This clearly explains why we need vacuum cleaners, but how to choose a befitting model is another challenge. Though the markets are packed with plethora of models, however the most expensive does not really mean the most effective. Neither does sleek, stylish looks.
Vacuum cleaners come in a variety of designs and options - upright, canister, hand-held, with dust bags, bagless, with high power suction, with HEPA, number of stages of filtration, wet and dry model; the accessories options would be too large to list. However a quick assessment of your requirements can help narrow down the search. So here are a few questions you must ask yourself, before finalizing any model of a vacuum cleaner:

- Is your home situated in a dusty area, near a main road, or where there is ongoing construction?
- Is it a high-rise?
- Are there small children at home?
- Do you have pets?
- What kind of furniture/furnishings do you have?

And likewise, so basically this will help you know your requirement and will also ensure that the vacuum cleaner you buy has the right suction power and blower efficiency.

Text 14 Mar 1 note Water Purifiers- Ensuring Goodness of Water

Come summers and water woes tag along. But while you give into quenching your thirst, don’t just drink water from anywhere. We all have water purifiers at home, so carrying your own water bottle would be sensible. However, if that doesn’t suffice- trust only sealed bottled water or water being served from an Aquaguard or equivalent water purifiers.

Amongst filtration products, Aquaguard by Eureka Forbes has become synonymous to water purifiers. Its remarkable performance and credibility symbolizes quality. The name Aquaguard is not just a single product but a category, under which there are several different water purifying technologies. Some of the technologies being used are Aquaguard UV, UF, RO and a combination of two or all.

Our drinking water contains contaminants ranging from harmful bacteria, pathogens, metal contaminants such as arsenic, lead, mercury, fluoride and pesticides. These pose several health hazards such as, gastroenteritis, typhoid, cholera, paratyphoid fever, amoebic dysentery, hepatitis and jaundice. Each day we are being exposed to such threats at the twist of our tap, thus making water purifiers absolute must haves for our own good.
But when choosing a water purifier, know your water quality first. So in case you have stubborn impurities, you buy an Aquaguard RO that with its multilevel filters removes virulent disease-causing pollutants and harmful chemicals. Not only can no bacteria or virus can get past the advanced technology that this water purifier contains, but it uses additional purification technologies to provide clarity to water and enhance the water quality by removing bad odour and taste. The end result is pure, clear water that tastes good.

Text 18 Jan Which is The Best Water Purifier for You?

With the increasingly deplorable condition of drinking water available though our municipal supply, it is clear that one needs a water purifier to ensure clean drinking water. There is a plethora of brands of water purifiers available in the market today. And there are numerous technologies such as E-boiling, Reverse Osmosis (RO water purifier), UV, UF and SMP.  But which is the best water purifier for you?

A google search would throw up hundreds of answers, friends and family add to the confusion. A shop visit would not be particularly enlightening either, as the salesmen would not provide an unbiased viewpoint.

The most logical and smartest way to approach the issue would be to call an expert in the business, such as Eureka Forbes. The company technician would first of all analyze the drinking water that is available in your home.  This would help pinpoint your accurate requirement. To decide the best water purifier for you, they will evaluate the TDS (total dissolved solids), which is the amount of chemicals, metals and minerals present in your water. TDS levels in water vary from area to area. Even the leach from lead or copper pipes that carry water to households can increase the TDS levels in water. An RO water purifiers uses a combination of technologies and an average of 6 levels of filtration to remove harmful bacteria and pathogens, eliminate harmful pesticides, metal contaminants such as nitrates, arsenic, lead, mercury and damage-causing particulate matter from your drinking water.
There can be no compromise on using the best water purifier available to ensure clean drinking water. It is the only way to ensure the health of you and your family.

Text 9 Jan Sip Health in Each Drop with Aquasure Water Purifier

Only you can ensure that the water you are sipping is free from all harmful impurities. And if you are not sure about what it exactly means, it is high time you get an Aquasure water purifier installed right away. Much like other home appliances, water purifiers too have become a necessity today and are no more just a choice. All of this because, today there’s no safety to drinking water if it is not filtered.

Water in our body is responsible for several functions, one of which is to transport nutrients to our different body parts. And in that case if the carrier itself is polluted, it can cause much harm leading to high risk water borne diseases. According to WHO over 80% deaths worldwide occur due to water borne disease, such is the havoc polluted water can cause. That’s why water purifiers today come equipped with latest technologies to combat dangers that lay afloat in this, otherwise life saving elixir.
One such promising water purifier is Aquasure by Eureka Forbes. Its path breaking technology not only ensures microbiologically pure but safe water. Its core invention the PCT favours removal of a wide variety of contaminants with no chemical.  Aquasure makes a simple, robust, convenient and an affordable water filter in the category of storage water purifiers. Capable of removing bacteria, virus, parasites and other harmful chemicals, Aquasure gives you crystal clear water, with bottled water clarity.

So, own up the health of your loved ones and install one amongst the most updated water purifiers at your place today.

Text 24 Dec Don’t Just Clean But Turbo Clean Your Homes

If all this while you’ve been wasting your time and energy on hand cleaning your house, then you are not only doing so actually, but are also allowing the dust particles to lay afloat in the air. Did you know that these dust particles carry dust mites, which cause various skin and breathing infections?

Certainly it is impossible to completely get rid of dust, but vacuum cleaning is way more effective than hand cleaning your home. Vacuum cleaners today are available in extensive range, designs, shape and utilities. Also, not only for home or office, there’s also a wide range of industrial vacuum cleaners that have made managing cleaning and maintaining hygiene a smart way of doing one’s job.

Markets today have many brands featuring a range of vacuum cleaners in variety of designs, weights, sizes, technology and functionality. Largely all come with cord winders and several extension attachments that help reach and clean almost anything, anywhere. Amongst the different types of vacuum cleaners, research and understand your home and utility before you buy. Like whether you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that cleans both dry scatters and wet spills, or the one that comes with canister or drum, or is hand held or cyclonic or just a powerful one that clears dry dust only.

Amongst the dry range of vacuum cleaners, one that has the powerful 1400 W suction is the euroclean turbo Xforce. It has special wheels for maneuvering that almost allow you to go anywhere, without much dragging and pulling. Euroclean turbo Xforce comes with a long life promise with rust proof body. Its sliding vario and range accessories help you reach and clean the dust by the most effective, yet simple way.
Bring home this Euro wonder and not just clean by turbo clean your place.

Text 5 Dec Buy a Vacuum Cleaner That is a Best Match For Your Cleaning Needs

In and out of home, dust is one thing you cannot avoid. There’s no home absolutely dust free and there’s no one place from where it enters or you can spot it. Dust particles are suspended in the air and all they need is a little opening like a door or a window, tiny crevices and gaps between them to sneak in. Dust gathers on our clothes, bags, shoes and even pets get it along. Regular cleaning and dusting does go a long way, but when you try cleaning it with a cloth, more dust particles get suspended in the air than getting wiped out. And that is where the role of one of the best vacuum cleaner comes into play. Vacuum cleaners work efficiently in such situations, as they suck the dust and even blowing it from the areas that otherwise would be unreachable. All the nook and corners and even different surfaces, gadgets and showpieces can be cleaned using various attachments that come along these vacuum cleaners.
Today the markets are flooded with different brands, designs, types and ranges of vacuum cleaners. Which come in different material, weight, size, height, usability and technology. Most of these models of vacuum cleaners come with cord winders, suction power regulator that lets you control and moderate the force depending up on the surface and your cleaning needs.  And a handful of attachments that cover almost all your cleaning needs.
But when thinking of the best vacuum cleaner to choose from, you must go with one that is a befitting match for all your cleaning needs. So whether you want an upright vacuum cleaner that stands tall and can fit in any corner of the house without occupying much space or a canister that allows you to reach under or behind the furniture, allowing much flexibility than the former one. Also there are: drum, backpack, wet & dry, hand-held or cyclonic vacuum cleaners. Former two are used at the industrial scale, while wet & dry and hand-held are quite popular in household products and can give efficient cleaning. While hand-held is potable and easy to handle and use anywhere, wet & dry on the other hand takes care of liquid spills and cleaning too.
So, when choosing a vacuum cleaner, you decide what’s best basis your suitability and usability.

Text 27 Nov Exceedingly Novel - Neo Drinking Water System

Total INFINITI, Enhance UV, Classic, Compact, Booster, Hi-Flo, Neo, VERVE – eight different varieties of UV water filters and purification effectiveness guaranteed in each. In each of these Aquaguard models from the house of Eureka Forbes, you will find a stunning combination of form, function and style. One drinking water system that will certainly catch your attention is the Aquaguard Neo. This appliance rightly complements the décor of the modern kitchen; thanks to its stunning European looks with a touch of class.

UV water purifiers are recommended for use in areas where presence of micro organisms in water is beyond tolerable limits. The most vital component of these appliances is the quartz UV lamp, facilitating e-boiling.  

The revolutionary Neo drinking water system purifies the H2O at three different stages involving use of:

  • Multi-layered sediment filter that removes dust, dirt, mud, and other physical impurities
  • Activated carbon chamber that removes organic and chemical impurities besides reducing color and odor
  • Quartz UV lamp that deactivates the DNA of micro organisms.

Incorporation of mineral guard ensures that scaling of minerals is prevented. This feature facilitates retention of precious minerals and nutrients. Users of this appliance have spoken volume about the intelligent purity sensor (IPS) feature. It continuously scans the water for impurities; in case impurities are present, the appliance automatically shuts off. No manual handling! Besides, life of the UV lamp is enhanced; thanks to the automatic switching off of the UV lamp if water is not drawn for 10 minutes.

Text 19 Nov RO water purifier price differences and other considerations

Any appliance you buy should well serve the buying purpose besides being user-friendly. Do you think price dynamics matter when buying a highly useful purification appliance such as a reverse osmosis system? If you consider the price factor, equal importance should be laid on the features incorporated, quality, certifications and endorsements, and of course brand! RO water purifier price is generally higher than other purification systems, especially UF, UV, storage. You will come across numerous models of different brands in different price tags. One consideration you should take into account is the storage capacity. Bigger your family, higher should be the storage capacity of the chosen reverse osmosis system so that you never run short of pure H2O. Do remember that higher the storage capacity, higher is the RO water purifier price.
For example, if you opt buying an AquaSure RO system from Eureka Forbes, you have three different models to choose from that differ primarily on storage capacities. These are AquaSure Spring Fresh DX, AquaSure Elegant RO, and AquaSure Nano RO; purification in all these purifiers happens at multiple stages ensuring that no contaminants remain in the H2O that flows from the faucet. TDS levels are effectively controlled and the otherwise hard H2O turns sweet and its original taste revived. While Spring Fresh DX has storage capacity of 8 liters (priced at Rs. 14,999), Elegant RO has 6 liters (priced at 11,599), and Nano RO has storage capacity of 4 liters (priced at Rs. 9,999) and hence the price difference.

Text 30 Oct Environment-friendly Euroclean Storm

Car Vacuum Cleaner
Do you think car vacuum cleaners are meant to clean cars only? Well, it depends on the appliance you buy. There are few cleaning appliances that are specially designed for outdoor use. These are not recommended for use indoors. So, if you have a garden, fence or walls surrounding your home premise, gates, garden furniture, motorbike, bicycles, cars or any other vehicles, etc., you need a vacuum cleaner that facilitates high pressure cleaning. If you have explored the range of car vacuum cleaners available in India, you must have certainly come across the Euroclean Storm from the house of Eureka Forbes. This appliance shoots water at 50 times the pressure of a conventional hosepipe. There are several plus points about the Euroclean Storm vacuum cleaner. It is environment-friendly, as it does not waste water or electricity. It is light in weight and extremely easy to handle. And you will always witness optimum cleaning every time you use it. Buy it and start using it. You will fall in love with the appliance!
Yes, it is an excellent time saver as it instantly and effectively cleans, making the cleaned surface shine like new. Its vertical design makes it convenient for use. Automatic start/stop, robust aluminium pump, and 1700 watts motor are few other features worth mentioning. Ensure that you do not leave the appliance unattended for more than two minutes with the gun released. Compare car vacuum cleaners that come with multipurpose usage; this will help you take the right buying decision.

Text 25 Oct Keep Your Premises Safe At All Times

Alarm Systems

Whether you are stepping out for a while or longer, it is important to leave your place safe. Having an electronic security system installed is a must. Some people are careless and too lenient to leave the doors ajar, while they step out to greet the next door neighbor or for a quick purchase to a close by shop. Firstly, the doors should always be properly locked. Secondly, you must be vigilant enough. But again the best remedy will be to have an alarm system for your place. Be it home, office, clinic, boutique, shop etc. safety is foremost. With crime on a rise it is important that your premises be equipped with best of the electronic security and cctv systems, which detect doubtful movements, attempts to break in etc. promptly, so the required action can be initiated on time.
You could be that extra cautious person, who doesn’t believe people easily, but staying on an alert mode always is close to impossible. Hence equipping your place with an electronic security system can be good solution.  It allows you to keep a tab on the activity in and around your premises. In case of unusual movements or threats the sensors of the system will raise an alarm, warning about the same. And if you have children or elderly at home, these electronic security systems come with emergency switches as well, which notify you in case of emergency and prior confirmation of authenticity call, help in initiating appropriate action.

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